"Beauty finds the Beast"

from Beauty and the Beast

"Beauty Finds the Beast" - oil on panel, 24" x 13"

"Beauty Finds the Beast" - oil on panel, 24" x 13"

On the night of the ninth day, she had a frightful dream in which she ran throughout the palace searching in vain for the Beast. Finally, she found him lying on the ground in the garden—dead. She woke up crying and removed the ring and placed it on the nightstand. When she awoke the next morning, she was home in the palace of the Beast. Just as in her dream, she ran from room to room, hoping to find him. Frantic, she ran into the garden, where her night-mare came true—for there, on the ground by the fountain, lay her Beast.

“Beast!” she cried and ran to him, but he didn’t move. She shook him, trying to revive him, but he still didn’t respond. In utter despair, she fell onto his chest and wept. “Oh, Beast!” she cried. “Please don’t die! Not now that I finally know how much you mean to me. Not now that I know that I love you! Please, open your eyes and ask me that question again so I can tell you how much I want to be your wife!”

Suddenly, a violent shudder ran through the Beast, and he breathed a long, deep sigh. Fearing this was the end, Beauty jumped back...

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