"Sisters and Husbands"

from Beauty and the beast

Actually, they are Beauty's sisters and their husbands, who happen to benefit temporarily from Beauty's misfortunes. Not the nicest of folks, but they were fun to paint! --SG

"Sisters and Husbands" - oil on panel, 24" x 8"

"Sisters and Husbands" - oil on panel, 24" x 8"

As it turned out, using the dowries that Beauty and her father had provided, the sisters had managed to find mates who were equal to them in every unpleasant way—equally proud in character and cruel in nature. At first, the sisters and pretended to be thrilled to see Beauty, but when they saw how elegantly she was dressed and learned how happy she was in her palatial home, they were overcome with jealousy and soon went back to their old spiteful ways, treating Beauty more like their servant than their sister.

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