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Artwork © 2012, Scott Gustafson. All rights reserved.

The Art of

"Cavalier" by Scott Gustafson  


"Cavalier"                                                              Oil on panel, 5" x 7"

At the beginning of 2012, I had the honor of being invited to participate in the Microvisions show at the Society of Illustrators in NYC. This annual event sponsored by the Society and curated by Irene Gallo and Greg Manchess was essentially a miniature show in which twelve illustrators were each asked to submit a small work (really small, 5"x7"!)

These pieces were then displayed and eventually auctioned off on eBay to raise funds for the Student Scholarship fund.

The participating artists featured in the 2012 exhibit were:

Santa with Reindeer
Dragon with Scribe
MicroVisions 7 - Society of Illustrators New York City
   Scott Bakal, Julie Bell, Scott Brundage, Brian Despain, Nathan Fowkes,      Rebecca Guay, Scott Gustafson, John Picacio, Dan Dos Santos, Peter de Seve,  Chris Rahn and Terryl Whitlatch               

I knew going into this, that this was an extremely talented group, but I soon learned that they were also a funny, encouraging and inspiring bunch of humanity as well. It was really thrilling to watch as over the weeks each new piece was submitted, and a real blast to read the responding wave of e-correspondence that followed!

The result was not only twelve beautiful, little works in a breathtaking array of styles and techniques, but a wonderful experience as well.


John Carter and Woola
From Chapter 8
From Chapter 13
The Fox and the Grapes